Digital Trends: 14 Quick Wins for Your Article Page Optimization


In times of ad blockers and banner blindness publishers and advertisers have to offer great content, so their target groups aren’t bored. With this in mind this week’s topics are 14 quick wins for your article page optimization, 3 proofreading pointers, 4 mobile advertising challenges to keep an eye on and more!

14 Quick Wins for Your Article Page Optimization

Publishers have to face a lot of challenges these days. In order to stay successful in a digital landscape with ad blockers and banner blindness, the constant optimization of article pages is necessary. An infographic on the plista blog shows insights on how to build up your article page to keep user’s attention.

3 Proofreading Pointers, So Your Content Isn’t Shared for the Wrong Reason

A typo that omits or changes a letter in a word is easily made. An article from copyblogger explains an effective 3 step proofreading process to find and correct errors before they are published.

4 Mobile Advertising Challenges To Keep An Eye On

Mobile devices are becoming the first screen in the long term. Marketers must simultaneously adjust their distribution strategy by increasing investment in mobile advertising and rethink the quality of created content. An article on the plista blog shows 4 challenges to keep an eye on.

How Do Consumers Really Feel About 2017’s Digital Trends?

Since the beginning of the year there have been a lot of predictions for the digital trends 2017. Voice search, virtual reality, chatbots – just to name a few. Code Computerlove surveyed 1,000 U.K. adults to find out what they really think about these trend predictions. An infographic from the Hotspot blog sums up the most important results.

Digital News Recap

  • Adblock Plus Parent Company eyeo Acquires Flattr more
  • Amazon quietly launches its own social media influencer program into beta more
  • Google says its YouTube ad problem is ‘very very very small’ but it’s getting better at fixing it anyway more

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Author: Hannah Späth (Manager Marketing & Communications)