Publishers are facing many challenges today. Banner blindness and the increasing number of ad blockers make it difficult to successfully reach target groups. Offering great content and monetizing it at the same time, is one of the biggest goals to achieve.

In order to be successful, the constant optimization of article pages is necessary. In the infographic below we have put together insights on how to build up your article page to keep user’s attention.

For example, find out more about the placement of recommendation widgets or get to know how to increase traffic on your sites and get the best out of your content.

Together with Linkpulse, leading provider of real-time content analysis, we have summed up these 14 tips to create an effective article page:

Infographic Article Page Optimization

Infographic: 14 Insights for a Successful Article Page

About Linkpulse

Linkpulse allows publishers to track the performance of their articles across all devices in real time via customized dashboards and alerts. The functionality of Linkpulse goes beyond content analytics, making it easy for editors to test any desired number of headlines and images in real time. Linkpulse determines the highest performing combinations and can automatically optimise front page traffic. This allows high-traffic publishers to reach their audience goals and maintain high levels of engagement around the clock. plista’s acquisition of the company took place in September last year.


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