Today we want to give you an insight on how to get connected to plista by using the plista APIs.  In the following we wrote a short and easy setup guide.

In order to connect your system to plista, feel free to use our public APIs.

For these REST based APIs, you need to have an user account set up. No SDK are needed, just create simple calls with e.g. cURL.

#1 Authorization and headers

Authorization is done by sending your credentials as additional headers fields. App authorization might follow at a later point.

The main header fields you should pass with all requests are:

'Accept: application/json'
'Content-Type: application/json'
'Requested-With: plista-api-call'
'X-Plista-User-Email: <yourmail>'
'X-Plista-User-Password: <yourpassword>'

#2 URL Structure 

Every URL consists of the following pieces:

  • Protocol: “https://”
  • Host: “”
  • Tenant: e.g. “/de”
  • Resource: e.g. “/users/me”

All the data (and so the APIs) is structured in tenants – in most cases the different markets plista is operating in. Please ensure you are always passing the different tenants as part of the URL. In most cases it is the same string you will find in your browser’s address bar, when visiting “”. You usually will get redirected to “”, “”, etc.

#3 Sample call

The easiest resource you can call as an example would be the /users/me endpoint, which shows some information about you. With cURL it would look like this:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Requested-With: plista-api-call" -H "X-Plista-User-Email: <mail>" -H "X-Plista-User-Password: <password>"

#4 Resources

All APIs are setup with a swagger interface, that provides the documentation. You can access it by adding “/docs” behind the resource URL. The main endpoints are currently:

Resource Purpose All Campaign Details – if you an advertiser All Domain Details – if you are a publisher Statistics for either campaigns or doma


Hint: Please note, that all examples are pointing to the German tenant. If you are working in another market, please adjust the tenant as described above.