Video content is at its peak. With its combination of visual, audible, and text elements, video engages audiences with instant access to consuming information. Cisco projects that 81% of all internet traffic will be via Digital Video for 2021. Additionally, Techjury reports that 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content. Therefore, beyond entertainment, video media is a great tool to incorporate within your digital marketing strategy.  A 2020 Wyzowl study shared that 89% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI, which certainly shows why you should utilize more moving content.

Due to the increasing digital rise of online users, audiences continue to demand the easiest way to access information. Many ads out there are made to achieve your same business goals as a brand. These days, the biggest challenge is to stand out against  your competitors. Additionally, finding smart and creative ways to engage your target audience could become costly, time-consuming, and intimidating when it comes to including video. Today, we want to assure you that there’s alternative solutions to elevate your video marketing strategy while maximizing your budget. 

1.) Go beyond entertainment value and use video content as your vehicle for communication 

When we think of video, we tend to assume that video equals entertaining content. Although true, the core goal is engaging the target audience. 83% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads (Wyzowl). In advertising, the backbone of the campaign operates at getting the right content to the right audience at the right time. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing visual of video ads, messaging and targeting is key. In other words, clearly communicating to your desired audience brings valuable outcome for your ROIs.  

2.) Think, “How do I leverage video?” instead of, Producing Video Ads are too expensive!  

You may be thinking, “Conceptualizing, creating, producing, campaign executing, channel distribution, and measuring impact on whether I will even get a return through video ads are expensive!” Although it’s a nice to have, producing the “perfect” videos for your ad could absolutely take from your budget. However, consider utilizing video in another perspective. At the end of day, it’s not about how much production goes into your videos. Above all, it’s about clearly getting your message across to your target group.

Venn Digital ran a simple piece of content for a video campaign. Despite its low production, “at least 75% views of the video and led to over 2,800 clicks to their site” was generated. Similarly, plista experienced a nearly 23% video completion rate with our low-budget video. This resulted within 24 hours of launching our recent client Easter campaign. At the end of the day, a clearly communicative video serving your target audience needs is the most effective way to engage. To add, consider structuring your video marketing strategy as a holistic campaign to make the most of your budget. 

3.) Go beyond social media and incorporate programmatic within your video campaign strategy 

Thanks to AI technology that drives programmatic buying, we’re able to serve ads across various publisher content. It’s technically possible to deliver marketing messages to the right audience. You have more channels and devices to flexibly serve video ads. Programmatic buying is your ticket to build an efficient and holistic video marketing strategy.  Beyond social media, video ads excel your unique reach while thriving on programmatic placements within publisher sites, such as In-stream, CTV, Outstream, and Banner Stream. Recently at plista, we’ve released our latest video product package, Integrated Video. You can use this interactive video product to engage your audience. This would be the perfect addition to your video marketing strategy. 

4.) Adopt plista’s Integrated Video strategy to achieve maximum results with your budget  

This new ad bundle places all your video formats directly on different inventory placements with maximum transparency. Whether pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, banner stream, Outstream or Connected TV (CTV), Integrated Video gives you variety. This strategy places your inventory on a wide variety of devices from a single source and at a uniform price (CPCV or CPM). In addition to the standard devices, you can deliver on smart TV, Internet-enabled devices, and game consoles with Integrated Video.

This product helps centralize one key video with your messaging to deliver on various placements, reaching your desired audience. When you use many providers to distribute various parts of your campaign, you might overlay your target groups, yielding unnecessary costs. However, plista’s Integrated Video unites your video marketing strategy. You can instead focus your efforts on a holistic campaign and centralize your KPI reporting with the following benefits:  

  • Full customer service with our industry experts– need consultive support for your creative videos, campaign strategy, or more? We’ve got all the support to fulfill your needs for success. 
  • Uniformed frequency capping this reduces the costs per unique-completed view. Optimize your budget allocation for the greatest possible advertising success. 
  • AI technology for powerful targeting our copilot algorithm enables you to you reach all your desired audiences. 
  • Ability to hit campaign goals– you can achieve up to 72% VTR for In-stream formats, 0.25% CTR for Outstream, 63% viewability for banner stream, and 92% full view for CTV. 

Get started on your holistic video marketing campaign

Integrated Video empowers you to scale your video campaigns to a new maximum.  “Global online video consumption is currently booming more than ever. Nearly 1.3 hours a day, each consumer now watches videos on a wide variety of digital channels. This makes it all the more important for advertisers to be present on the right channels with their video advertising,” said Michel Gagnon, Global Managing Director at plista. “plista’s Integrated Video enables advertisers to extend their reach to their target audience on the right channels with intelligent budget allocation. It’s never been easier to leverage the different strengths of individual inventory components to achieve individual campaign goals.” 

Interested to centralize your holistic video marketing campaign? Get started with plista’s Integrated Video bundle here.