2018 has been about bridging a gap between users and online marketers. This last year has been a whirlwind. Online marketers think of ways to bridge the gap of ensuring a good online user experience while respecting users’ privacies. We want to highlight the best native advertising trends and tools from 2018 and reflect on this year’s digital happenings. From GDPR taking effect to the great content marketing shift, another year full of changes, challenges and opportunities has passed. Nonetheless, 2018 offered insightful trends and tools to ensure effective ways of communicating each marketer’s brand and message. That said, let us dive right in.

Ensuring data privacy while nurturing users’ online experience

We have been following along with the journey of GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, which has taken effect within EU law. Promoting data privacy of EU individuals, this has certainly changed the game for online key players. Virtually anyone owning a website, such as companies, have had to change their privacy policies to remain GDPR-compliant and avoid its grand consequences. Earlier this year, we discussed users’ concerns with transparency and quality ads. Online advertisers and publishers must ensure data privacy to their target users while facing a new challenge, a balancing act. Simultaneously retaining users and providing a “safe” space to browse was left for online marketers to face. Google implemented a platform, Coalition for Better Ads, among company members to combat the threat of ad blocking while promoting high quality ones instead. With the tools of understanding what users want and need online, key players.

Beyond storytelling: content that sells

Content marketing has taken over the scene in native advertising. Marketers’ objective is to get their message to online users. This could be in the form of a suggestion answering to a need or a recommendation about the latest news. Nonetheless, the key thing to understand is how to communicate a message. This year, the industry geared towards content marketing as a vital trend among online marketers. Building a content strategy has the power to help publishers communicate their brands to their target user. From understanding the significance of content distribution to creative storytelling, it is inevitable that a high influx of readers are most reachable through quality content nowadays. Advertisers seek high-quality platforms to place advertorials such as on publishers’ sites whose contents’ storylines align with their campaigns. Thus, brands who value high quality articles or web pages are ensured a promising target delivery.

Programmatic and mobile rises are here to stay

Programmatic buying has been around for quite some time as this method bridges SSP partners with DSP ones, promoting transparency. Together, programmatically-bought campaigns give users a better experience as this method offers quality and accurate brand messages to the targeted users. Meanwhile, the increase of mobile device use has also continued to grow this year and will only further increase. Online marketers have the opportunity to utilize new methods and strong content strategies to appeal in a more intimate setting. Mobile users tend to be most attentive after working hours and may be in a calm, relaxed state of mind. This means that targeting users via mobile devices at this time give online advertisers and publishers an even higher chance of visibility.

Like a good vitamin shot, we strive to make you grow

We have been following the latest industry trends while bridging our own expert knowledge to online publishers, advertisers, and our clients. Online marketers’ monetizing strategies go beyond just using the tools handed to them; learning how to use the right tools and strengthening their campaigns is much more fruitful. Thus, with our tools to help online marketers offer users a better online experience, we strive to help clients grow. As one of our core values, we get better, always, plista has been sharing our industry expertise and tools to help online marketers’ optimize their campaigns for long-term success. Publishers could reclaim their power on monitoring their content distribution with our Editor’s Pick 2.0 tool. Advertisers can enhance their brand campaigns through precise targeting with our DCO feature. With the right attitude and tools, online marketers have the power to grow along with the industry trends such as content and programmatic.


We as plista strongly believe in promoting quality native advertising to offer users a better online experience. Thus, we turn your content into business outcomes.

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