The Native View 2016/2017 – 4 Things to Keep in Mind

The environment of digital advertising is changing fast. This year was full of news, trends, and developments. Now, as 2016 is coming to an end, we are looking back and note four learnings, we want to share with a native view in mind:
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Digital Trends: How to Capture Christmas Clicks

Christmas is about to come and advertisers are facing the great opportunity to increase their sales. Well prepared marketers can gain a lot of money now, if they follow the right strategy. Knowing, which product type works best at what time is a valuable insight for any marketer. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer a video on how to capture Christmas clicks, 10 key take-outs for native advertising success, an infographic on the essence of ecommerce email marketing, 8 facts about Google´s algorithm that you probably did not know yet and more!

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Digital Trends: How to Use Content Marketing to Enhance Brand Perception

Content marketing can be a powerful tool for marketers, given that its implementation is thought through and professional. In order to strengthen a brand’s perception by content, components like quality and brand trust have to be considered. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 5 tips to enhance brand perception, a test on which jobs might be taken over by machines, a case study on mobile design optimization, an infographic about the most successful holiday marketing campaigns and more.

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Native Insights: How to capture Christmas clicks


As data-driven content and an ad distribution platform, we analyze several GB of data every day. With our Native Insights, we offer you a new video format to inform you about trends and show you how to benefit from these data. As Christmas is getting closer, we will present interesting findings about the business around the 24th of December.

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Case Study: Mobile Design Optimization increases eCPM of 133%



As mobile usage increases, an optimized webdesign plays an important role for websites. It has a great impact on the publisher’s performance since an attractive mobile design determines the users’ length of stay and consequently the amount of ad impressions. Therefore, it is very important that the mobile website, especially the Article Widget, has an appealing design.

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Digital Trends: 4 Steps to Avoid Ad Blocking

Ad blockers are a recurring problem for publishers and advertisers. As advertising revenue is essential for both sides, new solutions are indispensable. The IAB LEAN project shows an approach on how to deal with the issue in the future. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 4 steps to avoid ad blocking, a survey on what gen z and millennials love and hate about instagram and snapchat, an infographic on how to reach holiday shoppers around Europe, an outlook on big data and more.

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Survey: Advertising Effect of Native RecommendationAds


In times of banner blindness, ad blockers and decreasing effectiveness of display advertising, it is hard to reach the user’s attention. plista conducted a survey in collaboration with eye square to prove the advertising effect of plista Native RecommendationAds. The survey included an Online In-Context-Testing with live-ad replacement, webcam eye tracking and subsequent questionnaire about the advertising effect.

Read about the key findings in the following:

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4 Steps to Avoid Ad Blocking – IAB LEAN Approach


These days, things are not going very well in online advertisement, Scott Cunningham, Senior Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations IAB, admitted. The permanent optimization of digital advertising in terms of automation and targeting is at the expense of the user. Banner ads affect the battery life, slow down the website and consequently harm the user experience.

It is therefore no wonder that ad blockers are enjoying great popularity and usage rises. Ad blockers are filter programs that block advertisement on websites. The advantages are clear: Websites have faster loading times and users are not bothered by intrusive ads. Thus, the majority of advertising banners are cut out and not visible for the users.

But ad blocking software has become a danger for providing content at no charge. Furthermore, an important source of revenue for publishers as well as for advertisers disappears. As a result the LEAN programme has been set up by IAB.

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Digital Trends: 7 Things Marketing Pros Need to Know About Chatbots

One of the major future topics that can be identified in the online world are chatbots. Knowing, what they are and what their potential implementation means for prospective developments is essential. Today in plista Digital Trends we offer 7 things marketing pros need to know about chatbots, a case study on AMP, an ebook about influencer marketing and more.

161018_plista_blog chatbots

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Case Study on AMP: Doubled Revenue – Tripled Engagement


The Accelareted Mobile Pages (AMP) Project just celebrated its first birthday.  In a case study on AMP, plista looks at the profits for publishers in detail.

We see it every day on our way to work: People waiting for the bus or sitting on the train, reading the news on their smartphones.
It is obvious that nowadays users prefer to consume information online, especially mobile. plista retraces this trend and observes a 10 times higher revenue growth in mobile ads within the last three years.

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